Homosexuality in Ancient Greece

It is not in the purpose of this research to take a position in favour of, or against homosexuality, but to find out ancient Greeks' own views on the issue.
I believe that the idea that Greeks were, so to speak, much more tolerant as far as homosexuality is concerned and that it was not only accepted by but almost imperative to every educated Greek is deliberately diffused.
There is no doubt in the context of the New Age we live in, where everything is being trivialized, this diffusion is neither innocent nor accidental, but maintained by those who use the authority of our classical civilization to corroborate their own views. To sustain my fundamental point of view, that homosexuality was never accepted by Greeks, I followed the only reliable method I could think of, the only one significant to the objective searcher regardless of what Dover, Siamakis or anybody else says, extensive reference to ancient texts. In any case, all the relevant extracts from the ancient Greek texts are quoted both in the original and in the English translation. But how was homosexuality treated then? It was treated in a particularly negative way, as you will find out through this book.

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