Proceedings of Secotox Conference and the International Conference on Environmental Management Engineering, Planning and Economics

The aim of the international conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMEPE) is the presentation of current issues in environmental science, engineering and management. The CEMEPE conference is held together with a special conference of the Society for Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety (SECOTOX), providing a special forum to environmental toxicology.

The first CEMEPE conference deals with environmental engineering and management, incorporating themes related to planning and economics aiming at creating o potential for osmosis between environmentalists and other scientists such as economists, planners, policy makers etc. The conference is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas and knowledge between diverse groups of the scientific community concerned by current issues in environmental science, engineering, management, planning and economics. The conference was held in Koukounaries area, in the picturesque Greek island of Skiathos, between June 24 and 28, 2007.

The conference presentations are included in a four-volume set of proceedings containing a total of 555 manuscripts. Though a huge amount of work and a considerable amount of funds was spent, the editors chose to publish the conference proceedings in hard copy and not in a CD-Rom, which is the current trend. The papers have been arranged in 26 topics. [...]

(from the preface of the editors)

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