Perfect your Grammar B2 Level

"Perfect your Grammar" provides clear reference notes and carefully chosen examples so that students can really benefit from the stimulating activities that follow. "Perfect your Grammar" helps students attain an upper-intermediate level (B2 on the CEF scale), whatever the certificate they are aiming for. The activities focus on spoken and written discourse, and they will expose students to the language they need to succeed at any exam at this level. Each unit include:

- Warm-up activities that help students and teachers spot areas of weakness
- A comprehensive reference section with carefully chosen examples
- Extensive, graded practice activities that focus on form, function and meaning
- Discourse level practice that encourages students to use grammar covered in each unit in reading, speaking and writing
- Review units that allow students to practice what they've learned within the scope of the various exams they are preparing for

Perfect your grammar is ideal for teachers who want to focus on language first so that their students not only succeed on any exam but also become competent users of english.

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