Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE)

The University of Michigan ECPE -8 Final Examinations is the definitive book for the ECPE Final since it covers every aspect of the examination.The Student ’s Book has the following features:

- Directly based on the most current examination format
- Fully refl ects the rationale of the University of Michigan ECPE Final
- Cloze and reading passages identical in form and content to those encountered on the University of Michigan ECPE Final
- Composition topics covering a wide variety of issues and giving students opportunities to practice different writing formats
- Speaking activities with color photos and Interview Tips
- Introduction with a comprehensive description of the University of Michigan ECPE Final

The Teacher's Book includes:
- Complete transcripts and answer keys
- Ideas on how to exploit exam materials for language consolidation
- Supplementary reading,writing and speaking activities

The full series has the following components:

- Student's Book
- Teacher's Book
- Companion (Student's &Teacher's)
- Audio cassettes
- CD-ROM 's

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