Greece at the Benaki Museum

Abandon yourself to the fascination of Greek adventure. Trace the exciting course of history of Hellenism: start out in search of the distinctive characteristics of antiquity, find out what made of Hellenism's continuity and cohesion during the Byzantine period, learn more about Hellenism during the period of foreign rule and them move on towards modern Greek state.
Watch 44 movie clips, in which the objects in the Greek collections of the Benaki Museum are presented within their historical context.
Search the objects according to the historical period to which they belong, to their kind, the material of which they are made and the technique used in their fabrication. A powerful search engine allows you to select combinations of items from these four categories. At the same time, a second search engine gives you the possibility of discovering where each object came from or where it was found.

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  1. Greece at the Benaki Museum

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