Concentration and Spiritualism

Complementary work for those who want to extend their knowledge about Spiritualism and its practical aspect, which finds application on the teachings of the great Yogis with concentration, divine current (prana), and meditation...Introductory for those who want to learn about and initiate in Yoga and its practices... Necessary for those who already practice it... The compilation of this work was attended by the great teacher of Indies, Mahatma Gandhi, while complementary lessons were given by other great teachers like Socrates, Homer and Hippocrates.Through simple-to-apply exercises, the knowledge of Indies meets the people of the West, adapted to their different way of life... a necessary adaptation so that the practices of Yoga do not become dangerous... leading us gradually to our esoteric awakening and the utilization of our inner powers.

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  1. Concentration and Spiritualism

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  3. Concentration and Spiritualism

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