The Venetians in Naxos 1207 - 1566

Year 1204: the troops of the fourth Crusade, which have invaded the Byzantine Empire, occupy and loot Constantinople. Greece is being partitioned: in the area of the Aegean Sea new Greek, Frank and Venetian small states are being formed. Three years later, an army of Venetian opportunists led by Marco Sanudo conquers Naxos, as well as other Cycladic islands. From that point on, Naxos will become the capital of the dukedom of the "Aegean" or "Archipelago". The Venetians will dominate the island for almost two and a half centuries, while their power over the indigenous population will be preserved in essence even during the Turkish domination. Silent witnesses of the Venetian presence in Naxos will remain the monuments, which the conquerors left behind: The Castle of Chora and the various towers which are spread all over the island.

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  • Έτος έκδοσης: 2000
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  1. The Venetians in Naxos 1207 - 1566

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  2. The Venetians in Naxos 1207 - 1566

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  3. The Venetians in Naxos 1207 - 1566

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