The Participation of Greece in the Process towards European Integration

From the very first moment, Greece showed its interest in contributing to the efforts towards European integration. In the period following its entry into the Council of Europe, the enthusiasm with which figures in the administration and representatives of institutions and organizations, amongst them, for example, the members of the Greek section of the European Movement, faced every challenge and every step in the direction of European cooperation is apparent from a mere reading of the documents. Indeed, several of the analyses of the future of Europe then attempted and the arguments used by the authors of specific documents could easily be adopted today by Greek and other European politicians who believe in and work for its economic and political integration.
If the present volume aspires, like the previous publications of the Service of Diplomatic and Historical Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to attract not only the interest of politicians, journalists and diplomats, but also the attention and inclination to academic research of scholars concerned with this period, then the success of this effort is considered to be certain. First of all, for the information it provides to readers and researchers...

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