Its great streets and mansions, the marketplace, the stadiums, the sanctuaries were silent as if enchanted. There was no unrest or disturbance. The same city in the morning would have been full of life, the usual, daily tasks. Craftsmen renowned for their metalwork, their wall-painting, the ornamental floors of pebbles, would have been starting work. Beautiful ladies in gold-embroidered garments would have left behind them as they passed the expensive scent of myrrh from Arabia. The ovens in the courtyards would be baking crisp loaves. Pella would have lived each day as it had before. New, proud, well-built. And yet King Alexander lived no longer...
Nea Nikomideia, Aeane, Sindos, Aegae, Pella, Dion...
An exploration in the steps of gods and men, in the myths and history of Macedonia, from prehistoric to Early Christian times, based on ancient authors and on modern archaeological research.

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