Fun way - English 1 companion Δ΄ δημοτικού

This Companion is to be used in conjunction with the Fun Way English 1 Coursebook, taught to primary school students of D Class.
This book is divided into four parts:
Part one - Exercises for pracitce:
In part one the students can practice all the structures and vocabulary found in the coursebook (Fun Way English 1).
There is a large number of Reading Comprehension exercises on every single lesson. Revision Exercises are provided every two Units for extra practice and consolidation.
Part two - Grammar:
Part two introduces all the grammar found in the Coursebook through a number of easy and fun-to-do exercises. Revision Exercises are included every four or five Units.
Part three - Vocabulary:
Part three provides all the vocabulary with its meaning.
Part four - tests:
Finally, in Part four the students can revise all the material taught in their Coursebook and Companion through a series of tests.

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