Mediterranean Conference for Agricultural Research Cooperation

The Mediterranean nutritional model may be the basis for a successful answer to the world's concern today about nutrition, due to the excessive industrialization of the agricultural sector and the production of non healthy agricultural food products, mainly of the animal production, especially of the developed countries of the North. The Mediterranean agricultural production, which is characterized by improved quality and is rich in less industrialized and healthier plant production products, can prove to be an alternative model to the industrialized agricultural production of the North.

If the Mediterranean model could be adopted by most countries, then the agricultural production of the Mediterranean countries, on which this Mediterranean model is based, may be easily promoted to the international markets. Therefore, agriculture and the farmers of the Mediterranean countries could look forward to a better future.

This publication promotes the efforts for supporting Agriculture in the Mediterranean countries, through the adoption of the Mediterranean nutritional model worldwide, as well as into the Mediterranean countries themselves.

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  1. Mediterranean Conference for Agricultural Research Cooperation

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  4. Mediterranean Conference for Agricultural Research Cooperation

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  5. Mediterranean Conference for Agricultural Research Cooperation

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