Επιστροφή στην Αρκαδία

"Return to Arcadia" is a return to another way of life, a return to nature, to real values, to history: is the return of contemporary man to his real life.
"Return to Arcadia" is a wonderfull photographic journey through a beautiful and significant place, and one unknown to most people. Through this photographic record, Yiorgos Depollas introduces us to the land itself, with its mountains and seas, its rivers and lakes, its clouds and trees, light and shade. It is also the works of man: theatres and monasteries, roads and bridges, houses and shops. Above all, it is the people inhabiting it today, portayed by the photographer during his travels through Arcadia.
Accompanying the photographs is an essay by the distinguised architect, professor Argyres Petronotis, who introduces the reader to his homeland in his own inimitable style; his deep knowledge of and familiarity with his subject make his text the perfect accompanimnt to the images. Thiw is a fascinating book whose quality and originality will enchant all its readers.

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