Athens in the Late Nineteenth Century. The First International Olympic Games

[...] The reader of the present volume draws information on what preceded the revival of the Games in Greece and abroad, on their successful organization and their global appeal, as well as on all the parameters of Greek life in that period. And of course, the reader will appreciate too the magnitude of the progress that has been made since, as well as the kinds of changes that have taken place in the natural and mandame environment of Attica in the century and more that has bassed.
This book about Athens in 1896 also describes, with scholarly authority and clarity, the political, social, economic and artistic life of Greece at the time of the I International Olympic Games, The texts are complemented by rich illustrations.
[...] Fanny Palli-Petralia, Alternate Minister of Culture

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  4. Athens in the Late Nineteenth Century. The First International Olympic Games

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