8th International Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry Conference

The book contains the proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry 2009, which was held in Corfu Greece. Within it no less than fifty seven papers are published, covering the wider area of information and computer ethics and also, law. Two keynote presentations, one by Pr George Bokos (the need for a new mentality, tools and practices in a modern information environment) and one by Pr Terrel Pynum (Philosophy and the Information Revolution) open the volume. Papers are centered around areas such as e-trust, privacy and ICT technology, paradoxes of contemporary knowledge, bioinformatics and nanotechnology, intellectual property in a digital world, intercultural information ethics, diverse analyses of facebook, internet and societal issues, data protection and other, more philosophical works on ethics and technology. Selected papers of this collection are due to appear soon on ethics journals. The collection, 900 pages, is a necessary addition to academics and lawyers interested in issues of ethics, law and information technology-and beyond.

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  1. 8th International Computer Ethics: Philosophical Enquiry Conference

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