The four essays, inspired by and focused on Constantinos Apostolos Doxiadis (1913-1975), serve the following purposes. The first, to propose a profile for an exceptional city planner and architect (scientific, epistemological and cultural); second, to present information and data to explore the complex and "adventurous. relationship between the founder of the Ekistics approach and modern Greek society in the second half of the 20th century; third, to initiate research on how scientific knowledge (e.g. Ekistics) is produced, diffused and received in modern societies with or without a strong scientific tradition; fourth, to demonstrate the urgent need to create in Greece mechanisms of accreditation and "meritocratic praise" of excellence for its most creative members.
Undoubtedly the mis-recognition of the important and the exceptional is an adventure, a combination of fame and rumours, is associated with passion and conflict, engages in a chain of achievements and failures, cultivates vortexes of hope and frustration, and in this context our four (difficult or easy) essay-texts can only be an introduction rather than the last chapter in a volume of evaluation of a personality like that of C. A. Doxiadis.

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  1. Misrecognition

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