LAT: Language Aptitude Tests: Pack

This pack is designed for training managers in business or industry, for school teachers and owners, or for anyone else who needs to know whether their staff, students or clients are likely to be good at learning foreign languages.

Language aptitude tests assess whether a person has the intellectual capability to learn a foreign language successfully. People who score well on these tests are likely to do well in learning languages provided that the time and opportunity are given them and that they have the motivation to succeed. People who do badly on one test but well on others, may have difficulty coping with particular aspects of language learning. For example, they may find it hard to work with a language that is not written in a Roman alphabet.

The book contains:
A suite of 5 language aptitude tests on CD-Rom designed to show whether a person is likely to be a successful language learner. It contains separate tests of:
- aural memory for sound strings
- visual memory of paired associates
- aural recognition of unfamiliar words
- the ability to form sound and symbol correspondences
- grammatical inferencing skills

Learners scores are saved to a database so overall performance can be considered.
A manual containing:
- instructions for the use of the tests
- statistical data indicating to managers and teachers the scores which are likely to indicate future success in learning
- background information on the construction and implications of these tests.

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  2. LAT: Language Aptitude Tests: Pack

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  5. LAT: Language Aptitude Tests: Pack

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