B2 State Exam Practice Tests: Class Audio Cds

B2 State Exam Practice Tests is a collection of five complete practice tests for the B2 English Language Certification. The tests in this collection provide thorough, systematic exam preparation and practice.

Key Features:

- The five tests cover the range of topics, vocabulary and structures included in the B2 syllabus.
- The recorded material on the accompanying audio CDs with instructions, pauses and repeats, provides genuine examination conditions for the Listening Test.
- The photographs and illustrations provide excellent visual material for the Speaking Test.
- Photocopiable sample answer sheets provide students with valuable practice in transferring their answers from the exam papers within the time limits of the exam.
- The Key contains the answers to all exercises in the Student’s Book, model answers for the Writing Test, tapescripts of the recorded material and suggested answers for all five Speaking Tests as well as useful language boxes.

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  1. B2 State Exam Practice Tests Class Cd

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