Let's Speak, Listen and Write 3: Cd

"Let’s Speak Listen and Write", for Classes A, B, C, D and E, is a new series whose aim is to teach and develop speaking, listening, and writing skills, thereby providing students with the means to communicate effectively in English.

This series can be used in conjunction with most coursebook series, but can also be used on its own.

Each book has been carefully graded, and presents grammatical and lexical items appropriate to the level being taught. The writing task at the end of each unit enables students to put into practice the ideas, vocabulary, and structures learnt in the unit.

Each book includes:

- Speaking exercises that encourage students to express their thoughts accurately and help prepare them for the writing task.
- Listening tasks that increase students’ understanding of spoken English and which incorporate the vocabulary and structures already taught in the lesson.
- Vocabulary exercises to provide students with the lexical items needed for the tasks that follow.
- Model compositions.
- Writing practice, using both visual and written prompts, to prepare students for the writing task they will complete at the end of each unit.

"Let’s Speak Listen and Write" will instil in students the confidence they need to master these three important skills in English.

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