Tribute to the Greek Mother

The mother was worshipped as a symbol of fertility even in the earliest human communities and has been a favourite subject for all art genres from antiquity to date. The multiplicity and diversity of images reflect the complex symbolical character of the mother figure.
Above all, the motif of the mother holding her baby in her arms stands out as the most enduring in time and most emotionally charged motif.

For the Greek society in particular, the figure of the mother enjoys a central position, as it epitomizes the notions of continuity, security, sacrifice, giving, unconditional love. This publication by the Foundation is dedicated to the ways in which the Greek mother has been captured in Modern Greek art. The selected art works trace the mother and child relationship in times of peace and happiness, as well as in times of pain. Moreover, maternity is highlighted, not only as a physical occurrence, but also as a key concept that ensures the continuity of life and forms inseverable ties between generations. […]

Philippos Petsalnikos, president of the Hellenic Parliament and Chairman of the Hellenic Parliament Foundation for Parliamentarism and Democracy

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