English Texts and Terminology for Shipping Trade and Transport

The book you hold in your hands bearing the title "English Terminology and Communication for Shipping, Trade and Transport", is conceived as the task-based approach, learner's book component of a curriculum aiming to teach English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) to upper intermediate students involved in the scientific fields targeted by the title. It is destined to learners who wish to improve all four rhetorical skills in view of excelling in their professional career paths or in further pursuing their academic studies. The book features authentic materials configured in authentic tasks. Such tasks include but are not limited to: Reading Specialized Texts, from Newspaper Articles to Academic ones, Writing Application Letters, Planning Academic Essays, Listening for Gist, Summarizing, Delivering Oral Presentations, Choosing Dissertation Topics, Working with and Synthesizing Multiple Information Sources and Familiarization with Various Discourse Types. Specialized subject matter areas in lexis and carrier content include: Shipping Companies Structure and Administration, Freight and Cargos, Chartering and Bills of Landing, International Conventions of Trade, International Organizations such as the IMO, European Union and International Policies for Ports, Shipping, and Transportation, Specific Legal Issues pertaining to Shipping etc.

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  1. English Texts and Terminology for Shipping Trade and Transport

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