Tourist Guide of Thessaloniki

- 20 destinations inviting you to discover Thessaloniki inch by inch
- Tour every corner of the city consulting the detailed maps that come with-each recommended destination.
- Sights and points of interest are specially noted on every map as well as in the text with references,
offering the reader direct information, whether they are reading the guide or consulting its maps.
- With a short history of the city as well as a timeline containing landmark dates.
- Including an appendix of special descriptions for the main monuments.
- Appendix of Museums (descriptions included), galleries, art galleries and cultural spaces of the city.
- Including recommended trips to nearby areas outside the city destinations.

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  1. Tourist Guide of Thessaloniki

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  2. Tourist Guide of Thessaloniki

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  4. Tourist Guide of Thessaloniki

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  5. Tourist Guide of Thessaloniki

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