The Apocalypse of John as Explained by the Greek Master Nikolaos A. Margioris

A different, distinguished, unique in the universal bibliography explanation of the Apocalypse of John through the prism of the Transcendental, Visionary, Mystical Experience of a modern Christocentric and Christocratic Mystic, Nikolaos A. Margioris, the Greek Master.

It is an unprecedented Cosmogonic and Eschatological Conception of the Divine Expression, of the Laws that rule the Beings that live and evolve within it.

An important spiritual interpretation-teaching, given orally by the Master, concise and to-the-point, and that is brought today to the wider public by his student-writer, who with his extensive analytical commendations clears up the matter of prophesying and doomsday scenarios floating around us, always according to the Perfect Mystical Conception of his Master (he wrote and published more than 180 Metaphysical and practical works) and the generally accepted spiritual tradition that comes from all Great persons.

Finally, it defines the evolution of our times and "foretells" the future in relation with the technocratic evolution and mainly with the spiritual evolution that is opening up before us.

A splendid Asset that comes from one of the Great Spiritual Children of Greece and that will undoubtedly remain in the spiritual history of our country as unforgettable and beneficial in every way.

An invaluable Esoteric Gem that must not be omitted from any library.

A more extensive analysis of the work exists in the library.

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