From the Master's Mouth to the Student's Ear

A book-document which contains an unprecedented, fascinating, revealing and rare metaphysical example of correspondence between a Spiritual Master and his student and defines the ideal method of teaching an esoteric course.
A landmark book with honest and interesting essays written in layman's terms which succeeds in bringing together - in condensed form - deep, burning Esoteric Knowledge on the whole spectrum of genuine Metaphysics (Occultism and Mysticism).
A unique book with an analytical and thorough Glossary of Sanskrit (philosophical dictionary of 400 words) which constitutes a reference point and a guide for all seekers or students of Yoga and of Esotericism.
A book containing Drops of Wisdom from the 189 works of the contemporary Greek Spiritual Master, Nikolaos A. Margioris, who is a steady source of aid, knowledge, inspiration, sound and firm guidance in various Esoteric matters.
A piece of work in the circle of Esotericism whose ambition it is to offer the reader initial guidance and clarification on the Esoteric path as well as on the formation and completion of his Esoteric Being.
A book containing dedications to the person and to the immense work of a great Greek Master of Esoteric Metaphysics and Spirituality, Nikolaos A. Margioris.

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  1. From the Master΄s Mouth to the Student΄s Ear

    Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

  2. From the Master's Mouth to the Student's Ear

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  3. From the Masters Mouth to the Students Ear

    Άμεση παραλαβή / Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  4. From the Master's Mouth to the Student's Ear

    Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

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