Enjoying the Bonito experience as a customer, my natural curiosity wanted to know more. Why Bonito? Where did the name come from?
I knew it was Spanish -meaning "nice" .Where did the recipes come from?
Who was the artist? I was eager to know more.
The paintings decorated the walls - many kinds of images and scenes. I also had a glimpse of the vibrant bold murals in the guest rooms. You could almost step into them they were so real. A different artist I wondered?
I knew there had to be a story. But what kind of story? "A love story?" I asked Kostas.
He smiled and said, "Yes, and a long story". His eyes sparkled as he repeated,
"Yes, a long story".
Then by chance an opportunity arose for me to experience working in the kitchen.
A daunting task I thought at first, having never worked in a kitchen before, but it gave me first hand knowledge and experience of how Miki and Kostas work and I learnt about the dynamics of the kitchen. The heat, the pace and the noise were all an exhausting and exhilarating experience but one that helped me understand and write about this story of Bonito.

This book is about the people who began and continued this family story of food and love.
Its purpose is to show their spirit, creativity and business minds and to tell their story, often in their own words and to share their unique recipes.

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  1. Bonito

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  2. Bonito

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  7. Bonito

    Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

    11,45 € + 2,50 € ελάχ. μεταφορικά + 1,50 € αντικαταβολή

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