We are hiring!

21/06/2010 engineering

UPDATE: Restless wanderer Aggelos Orfanakos joined our team this July. We have no current openings but we are always looking for talents so don't hesitate to send your resume if you like our team.

We are looking for developers to join the rest of the team

You should be able to do some or all of the following:

  • Already working with some scripting language (Ruby, Python, etc)
  • Have a good understanding of HTML, Javascript and the Web
  • Self-manage your time
  • Pick up easily new concepts and tools
  • Have a passion for programming and the web
  • Some experience with linux

For us wanting to learn, values more than knowing already.

So if you can place yourself anywhere in the web stack (be it backend, html, javascript, db, system, whatever) please drop us an email at admin'at'skroutz.gr

An opensource background or work to show is definitely a plus.

What we do at skroutz

We do stuff with the following technologies:

  • Ruby and Rails (almost 100% of Skroutz.gr is ruby powered)
  • MySQL as our relational db
  • MongoDB for document store
  • Prototype.js / JQuery
  • Node.js & Coffeescript

Our goal is to have fun every day even when hell breaks loose and servers power down for no reason. We are commited to simple, manageable targets and getting things right even if we don't get them right the first time.

That's why we rarely do meetings, and those we do don't last more than an hour. We encourage developers to be explorers because we value knowledge. We don't have magic workflows or patch Tuesdays, we just work in small chunks and steer. We have one simple, catch-all rule: Don't be afraid.

Our offices

We value juniorness :)

We always clean up our mess :)

Developers have to feed the fish or we install Windows on their machines.

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Η Skroutz Α.Ε. ιδρύθηκε το 2005 και δραστηριοποιείται στην ανάπτυξη καινοτόμων υπηρεσιών τεχνολογίας, δημιουργώντας πρωτοποριακές πλατφόρμες ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου και ιστοσελίδες υψηλής απόδοσης.

Με έδρα την Αθήνα, η Skroutz Α.Ε. είναι το κορυφαίο digital brand πίσω από τη δημιουργία και την εξέλιξη των δυνατοτήτων της πρωτοποριακής μηχανής αναζήτησης και σύγκρισης τιμών και προϊόντων www.skroutz.gr. Η εταιρεία παρέχει ένα εύρος χρηστοκεντρικών λύσεων λογισμικού και πλατφόρμων ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου αξιοποιώντας νέες τεχνολογίες και μεθοδολογίες, που αναδεικνύουν το πάθος του ανθρώπινου δυναμικού της.