Walks in Athens

On your walks in Athens, with your family or friends, you will surely come across huge statues like giants - you could even stand beside them and find out how tall they really are. Riders appear suddenly out of Byzantine icons or marble reliefs - can you picture yourself as a rider? You will come across buildings that measure time, works of art depicting musicians -can you hear their song? The pages of this book will take you through the streets of Athens, a city that has many stories to tell, a city that can fascinate and entertain you.

Inside this book you will find:
- Suggestions about where to go and what to see.
- Activities and things to make.
- An inventory of everything we suggest you see.

Take notes about the time you saw or visited the various monuments. Send postcards to your friends, keep the plastic bottles of water you drink as you walk around the city in order to make an hourglass, observe the sky at night and make your own paintings...

There are lots of ways to see a city!

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  1. Walks in Athens

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  2. Walks in Athens

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  3. Walks in Athens

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