Spiritual Healing


The book is translated from Greek and it includes an appendix with information and photographs presenting the activities of the Servers' Society and our Publications.

"People have the potential to heal themselves and others", says the author of this book. The idea is a startling one, yet it brings us an optimistic message. Klairi Lykiardopoulou goes on to explain that this potential exists because the Power of the Spirit exists in all of us.

The author herself began to become aware of the existence of the Power of the Spirit when she met the Master, Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of the Servers' Society spiritual centre. From him she learned how to exploit it for healing purposes. She also learned of the relationship between the energies of the soul and the human body. She says that illness is not only a physical complaint. Illness is whatever causes anxiety, such as unpleasant emotions, negative thoughts, etc.

The author gives many examples that prove that Spiritual Healing is a reality. She describes treatments carried out by the Master on various patients. She explains that she first learned to heal herself and then patients who sought help from the healing section of the Society. Other members of the Society also carried out treatments following the teaching of the Master. This teaching may be summarised in a few words: healing always comes from God, the Healer of all.

Spiritual healers recognise the work of classical medicine and advise their patients to follow the advice they receive from their doctors. They also approve of any other treatment the patient may wish to receive. The book ends with the author's optimistic vision: "The day will soon come when all healing methods will work together for a single aim: to help people to become healthier and happier!".

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Spiritual Healing

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