Father Porphyrios

As the fourth edition is now out of print, with happiness we proceed to the fifth edition, which is supplemented with some new accounts in the appendix.
Our monastery thanks again Mr. Anargyros J. Kalliatsos, who had the kindness to transfer to us the copyright of his lovely book, Father Porphyries, the Discerning, the Forseeing, the Healer, for the fifth edition. The book has already been translated in Russian, published in Greece, and it is going to be printed in Russia as well. Its translation in English will also be ready soon. In a charming, personal style, Mr. Kalliatsos informs us about many events of the ever memorable father Porphyries' life. He had personal knowledge of those events, and thus, he helps us enter the space of his secret experiences and understand the salvific teaching of our holy Church.
Behind the lines of Mr. Kalliatsos' personal writing, there is a precious treasure of father Porphyries' teaching and advice, very beneficial to all of us. So we were happy to undertake the republica-tion of this book, and now, we present it to you in the hope it helps you in your spiritual life. May father Porphyries speak to each one of us through the lines of this book and tell us what is useful and beneficial to our souls.
(A few words about the fifth edition)

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