Roman Names in the Cyclades

This volume presenting the first part of the Roman onomastic material from the Cyclades combines two of the most productive fields of interest of the Research Centre for Greek and Roman Antiquity (KERA) of the National Hellenic Research Foundation, that of the Roman onomastic in the Greek-speaking East and that of the study of many aspects of the Aegean islands.
Our research was supported and facilitated by several institutions and colleagues. We owe warm thanks to the XXI Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities of the Cyclades and especially to the director, Dr Marisa Marthari, not merely for permission to examine the epigraphic material from the islands but also for the accommodation willingly provided during our expeditions to the islands. We are especially grateful to Dr Christina Televantou.
Drs Maria Lagogianni and Nicolaos Kaltsas, directors respectively of the Epigraphic Museum and the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, helped us greatly by providing us with the opportunity to identify inscriptions from the Cyclades kept in the storerooms of their museums and by supplying photographs.
Our catalogue would have been poorer without the kind offer of the onomastic material from the unpublished inscriptions from Andros by Dr N. Petrochilos, who is preparing the epigraphic corpus of Andros.
Thanks to the kind permission of the Most Reverent bishop Frangiskos Papamanolis of the Catholic Diocese of the Cyclades it was possible to work on the inscriptions which are kept in the Collection of the church of Agios Georgios in Ano Syros.
It was of great importance for the improvement of our catalogue that we had the opportunity to study the old squeezes, diaries, notes and correspondence of the admirable epigraphists of the two last centuries, which are kept in Berlin, in the Bradenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Archiv der "Inscriptiones Graecae", where Prof. Dr Klaus Hallof and Dr Renate Heinrich kindly provided valuable assistance of every sort. [...]

(from the preface)

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