The Book of Revelation

The Revelation of Saint John the Evangelist forms a worthy conclusion to the whole of sacred Scripture, presenting a wonderful counterpart to the first book, the Book of Genesis. It is a sacred text which has resounded through the centuries and has exercised an enormous influence.

Within the pages of this book we find the Church herself presented as she has always lived her life and always will live it until the end of the world. Moreover, this book was written exclusively for her, for her fulfilment, for her final destiny. That is why however many times we read the pages of the Apocalypse we hear the voice of the Ancient of Days reaching us, the voice of the Church's Bridegroom, like the sound of many waters: 'He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches'.

For centuries now, people have pored over the Book of Revelation and have been curious about the Sacred Cave of the Theophany seeking to penetrate its meaning and venerate with devotion the traces of the disciple of Love. This book aspires to prepare the reader for such holy and mystical veneration, setting out appropriately what relates to the theological significance of the Apocalypse.

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