Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

Auschwitz - Birkenau... Words associated with horror and death. lnthebloodbath of innumerable victims who were sacrificed on the altar of the Hitlerian minotaur, Greek blood was not absent. Sixty thousand Greeks, whose only crime was that they had been born Jewish, and a few dozen Christians, who were arrested either for resistance or for aiding their Jewish compatriots to escape, met with incredible torment in that particular version of hell that even Dante's pen would have difficulty to describe.This book comes to cover this dark, mostly unknown, chapter of Greek national history. With the aid of a photographic lens and both written and oral testimonies of those who managed to survive, it undertakes a painful journey of memory and history, treading step-by-step into the hellish lair of Auschwitz-Birkenau. [...]

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  1. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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  2. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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  3. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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  4. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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  5. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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  6. Greeks in Auschwitz - Birkenau

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