A New - Old Calendar

A jewel - book with illustrations, slides, tables and posters. It includes Mythological, Astrological and Astronomical information of the planets and depicts the movements and relations among the celestial bodies.
Through a comprehensive expression and presentation of the symbols, as well as by means of tables and illustrations, this book incorporates the reader into the star-spangled sky, much further than the conventional "perception". It reveals the symbols of Astrology as elements of a way to communicate with the sky vault
as well as a language used for the decipherment of the Laws of the Universe.

The Moon synchronizes its cycles around the Earth with that of the Earth around the Sun
so as to form a Great Moon during this three-year period. This invisible but actual celestial phenomenon established the division of the Zodiac into 12 segments of 30 degrees each and reveals the evolutionary course of man and Universe through the Constellations of the sky.

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