Effective Corporate Communication and Voluntary Investor Relations


Corporate communication and investor relations (IR) are functions that make the difference for the listed companies' communication process to the market. They are also the strategic corporate tools that create visibility, interest, liquidity, and ultimately attract and motivate investment.

The objective of this book is to identify, extract, synthesize and propose a series of effective corporate communication tools that will help IROs, top management and companies - especially those listed - to present and promote their cases and increase visibility, evaluation and investment.

This book is a synthesis of my PhD research study, my experience and other similar research. In my PhD study, I tried to identify and extract perceptions and practices on the IR function by the top management of the listed firms on the Athens Stock Exchange, the analysts and the fund managers who analyse and invest in the Greek stocks. I have also drawn conclusions and material from my extensive experience in the field of voluntary corporate disclosure. Finally, I have gained much from other research, insights, experience and perceptions.

The book, by evaluating communication practices and expectations, IR programmes and recommending a corporate communication framework and disclosure methodologies, contributes towards a better understanding of the IR process and the IR effectiveness in a non-English speaking market, full of small capitalization listed firms that struggle to get investors' attention. The public mandatory, the public voluntary and the private voluntary disclosure strategies used by listed companies are identified and their effectiveness evaluated.

My findings and recommendations could be utilised by the listed companies and market players in other markets.

With the current book, I intend to contribute towards an enhanced interface and understanding between academic research and business practice in the areas of corporate communication and IR.

Finally, I hope the book will be useful and practical for new and experienced practitioners and IROs.

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Effective Corporate Communication and Voluntary Investor Relations

  • Συγγραφείς: Nick Demos
  • Εκδότες: Εκδόσεις Πύλες, Παρασκήνιο
  • Μορφή: Μαλακό εξώφυλλο
  • Έτος έκδοσης: 2008
  • Αριθμός σελίδων: 256
  • Κωδικός ISBN-10: 9608772087
  • Κωδικός ISBN-13: 9789608772083
  • Διαστάσεις: 30×21
  1. Effective Corporate Communication and Voluntary Investor Relations

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