The Penguin English Dictionary

Completely updated by Penguin's world-renowned experts, this is the third edition of the dictionary that makes words work for you.

BE ACCURATE: Clear definitions of hundreds of new words and slang terms -from green-inker to manny to wiki- to help you use them with ease.

TRUST THE EXPERTS: Leading thinkers and professionals in their fields explain complex ideas: Richard Dawkins on evolution, Evan Davis on free trade, Helena Kennedy QC on liberty.

DISCOVER: Authoritative and expert word histories tracing words back hundreds of years, from codswallop to ghastly.

BE CONFIDENT: Foolproof guidance on how to use words correctly: less or fewer? Older or elder?

GO ONLINE: Find out more and give your views at by following the link to the Penguin blog.

Whether you're writing a letter, solving a crossword or wanting an invaluable resource for your family home, The Penguin English Dictionary will give you the language tools you need.

Whatever you want to know, trust Penguin.

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  • Συγγραφείς:
  • Εκδότες: Ελευθερουδάκης, Penguin Books
  • Μορφή: Σκληρό εξώφυλλο
  • Έτος έκδοσης: 2007
  • Αριθμός σελίδων: 1498
  • Κωδικός ISBN: 0140515976
  • Διαστάσεις: 23×17
  1. The Penguin English Dictionary

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  2. The Penguin English Dictionary

    Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

  3. The Penguin English Dictionary

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  4. The Penguin English Dictionary

    Άμεση παραλαβή / Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

  5. The Penguin English Dictionary

    Παράδοση 1 έως 3 ημέρες

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