The Mythology of Rhodes

Few places on Earth posses the natural beauty of Rhodes. The island of the Sun is the cradle of many wonderful ancient Greek myths that attempt to explain the birth of the island and detail the lives and adventures of a wide variety of gods, goddesses, heroes, heroines and mythological creatures.
One of the myths, according to Pindar, says that when Zeus defeated the Giants decided to distribute the land to the Olympian gods. But Helios, the Sun God was absent from the deal as he was taking his usual daily celestial stroll so he was left without his own land. Zeus, wishing to be fair, said they would redo the deal but the wandering Helios then asked him to let him take for himself the land that would emerge from the sea at sunrise the next morning. So it happened. Rhodes, a beautiful and verdant island, emerged from the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. Since then, the glittering island of Rhodes has become the land of the Sun, as the Sun married Rhodes, the beautiful nymph of the island.

This illustrated book is a detailed study that specifically deals with the ancient myths of Rhodes. The reader can learn all about the dexterous Telchins, the visit of goddess Aphrodite to the island, the intervention of god Poseidon, the love affair of Helios with the nymph Rhodes, the seven brothers and sisters called Heliadae, the inventive Tenages, the beautiful Cydippe, the heroic Tlipolemos, the revengeful Polyxo, the Cretan Althaemenes, the innocent Apemosyne and many other myths that were preserved by the ancient writers and compose some of the most charming stories of the island’s mythology.

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  1. The Mythology of Rhodes

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  2. The Mythology of Rhodes

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  3. The Mythology of Rhodes

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  4. The Mythology of Rhodes

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  5. The Mythology of Rhodes

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