Biology Lessons

An alien comes to Earth from his planet, thirsty for knowledge and full of questions. He meets some people who teach him what is life and its functions. He falls in love with a girl but in order to earn her he must become human. He has to pass successfully five trials, each concerning one of the life's functions (movement, nutrition, circulation, respiration, responsiveness to stimuli). Each time he succeeds, the corresponding function will be materialised in his own body. He thus turns gradually to a man. His efforts meet the obstacles and problems set by a rival, who represents the bad habits influencing every organic system. The choruses are his helpers, explaining to him the role of each system and keeping him from succumbing to the temptations.

The idea about creating this book was formed by the need to present the really interesting matter contained in the Biology school book of High School First Grade, in a direct way, which would by-pass the resistance which everybody develops before the concept of "lesson".

Following, thus, the school book's matter and upon an exchange of ideas with my creative friend Tania Tsakstara-Mavroudi, as it concerns the script's outline, I proceeded to write the verse theatrical play which you now hold.

This work is mainly concerned with human physiology and, in particular, with the organic systems which serve life's functions: muscular and supportive system (movement), digestive system (nutrition), circulatory system (circulation of substances), respiratory system (respiration and gas exchange), nerve system (irritability). Emphasis is given to the factors which influence negatively the good function of those organic systems (lack of exercise, poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol abuse).

This work offers a new point of view for teaching a lesson. It could be used as teaching tool, in various ways:
· By simple reading in the beginning of each chapter, in order to stimulate pupils interest and their positive attitude towards the subject matter.
· By reading, at the end of each unit, as an entertaining review.
· By distributing roles and playing each unit in the classroom, for better understanding.
· By a theatrical presentation, at the end of school-year, before the whole school community.

It serves multiple objectives:
- Pupils perceive the subject matter from a different point of view.
- Children understand that there are various ways of learning and that learning itself is not, necessarily, something boresome.
- Easier memorisation of terms, due to their integration in poetic speech.
- Entertainment and affection towards the lesson.
- Change of attitudes and behaviour and shift to healthier ways of living.
- development of skills and positive personal characteristics as: group work, discipline, dedication, pride for work, confidence, adaptiveness, responsibility, morale, self-esteem, courage, resolution of problems, aesthetic education, perception, interest, sound judgement.

It is meant for children of 5th and 6th grades of Elementary School and all High School grades, as well as their parents and those teachers who would like to approach the subject matter in a more direct and creative way.

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