The Truth of Our Faith

The inner life of the Church, where man becomes "god by grace" (St. Athanasios the Great) through the reception of the Divine Energies or Grace of God, is centered on the Holy Mysteries. In this volume, Elder Cleopa explains the origins, meaning and purpose of the Holy Mysteries of Baptism, Chrismation, Communion, Confession, the Priesthood, Marriage, and Holy Unction, while also deconstructing the errors of those who missunderstand or reject this life in Christ. Squarely based, as always, on Holy Scripture and its interpretation by the Holy Fathers of every age, Elder Cleopa brings to light neglected knowledge and rejected counsel stored up for so many centuries in the Orthodox Church - insights that could have helped avoid the disintegration of the Western church, and which may still aid in its restoration even today.

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  1. The Truth of Our Faith

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