Thought, Culture, Action

"Thought, Culture, Action" is a synthesic selection of studies intending to investigate the genesis of values in Greek antiquity and to follow their development throughout their historical evolution up to their present aspect. Are values independent from Platonic ideas or are they ideas and values altogether, claiming their proper fulfillment? The question leads to a problematic that surpasses a mere alterative, to join the exploration of the real status of values according to their emergence. ΒΥ rejecting all types of subjectivisms and objectivisms, the Author adopts a solution which favours the process of an objectification of values: being projected on a field of objectivity, they exert a kind of autonomous irradiation οn υpοn consciousness which, in its turn, is attracted by them. What results from this mutual activity is a genuine tendency towards directly experiencing various axiological categories respectively related to the True, the Beautiful and the Good.

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