Aristotle Onassis

This catalogue was published on the occasion of the exhibition "Aristotle Onassis: Beyond his Myth", organized at the Benaki Museum - Pireos Street Annex, October 5 - November 12, 2006.

[...] After almost thirty years since Onassis' death, and a hundred years since his birth, we decided to display some person - al objects of his private life can be publicly understood understood. Owing to their particular character, which is "warlike", rough, occasionally sharp and aggressive, these object bring us closer to Aristotle Onassis as a person. Looking at the exhibits, some visitors will sense the truth about this great benefactor. They will see his ships, aeroplanes, and other business instruments of an entrepreneurial activity that came to astonish the whole world, excited curiosity about him, made the world' s powerful people seek to be in contact with Onassis, gained him international recognition, as well as the admiration of common people.[...]

(Antony Papadimitriou)

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