The Genesis of Mass

[...] This book presents the problem of the Genesis of Mass vividly, but also with rigor and clarity. The writer, Dr George Triantaphyllou, is a well-known young theoretical physicist who has contributed decisively to the formulation of one of the possible answers. With ease and persuasiveness he guides the reader directly to his subject, showing him the most direct way through the labyrinth of modem theoretical physics. It is a book addressed to the thinking reader, to the reader desiring to understand and follow this great adventure. I am not aware of anyone similar to it in either Greek or international bibliography. I warmly recommend it to everyone, but mostly so to young people, to the ones having curiosity, visions, concerns. It is the book I would have liked to have in my hands when I was twenty years old. (από τον πρόλογο του Γιάννη Ηλιόπουλος, Διευθυντής Ερευνών της Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)

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  1. The Genesis of Mass

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  2. The Genesis of Mass

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  3. The Genesis of Mass

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  4. The Genesis of Mass

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