With Warp and Weft

The authors present the traditional art of weaving at Metsovo, which flourish in this picturesque town and now forms part of its history.
This tour of the world of textiles of Metsovo begins with the prologue by Ioanna Papandoniou, which is followed by the introductory text, in which Elena Averoff describes elegantly how local tradition links weaving with life itself. The introduction is in turn followed by the presentation of the textiles and the beautiful Metsovo costumes.
From the textiles in the Collection of the Folk Art Museum of Metsovo, some of which are highly characteristic of the region, we move on to the everyday costumes worm by woman, the austere male garments, and the impressive female dresses made of imported brocade. The great variety of the book contains pictures of life in Metsovo, along with numerous drawing of decorative designs and a glossary of technical terms.
Each of the Metsovo textiles has its own history. Their wealth of designs and colours, and their highly imaginative compositions are amazing. They familiarize readers with the beautiful art of weaving and encourage them to get to know the earlier and modern history of Metsovo.

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