Not an Ordinary Story


"The pictures you create within your inner world cannot help but manifest in your outer world."
- Unknown

Jo was an ordinary boy of 12, or so he thought until one long- awaited trip made him realize the truth about who he truly was and helped him see all that he was fated to become.

Jo had just settled down in his seat when the same stewardess came and sat down beside him.
"My name is Kayla, if you were wondering!" she said as she smiled at Jo.
It was funny because that was what he had been thinking just before she sat down.
"I'm very charmed to make your acquaintance, Miss.," he said in the nicest words he could think of. He had been taught by his mother to behave in an appropriate manner in the presence of adults, but, in this case, with such a beautiful one, he couldn't help but be super polite. Kayla had long, wavy hair, which shined like a brand new copper penny.
"She's so pretty!" he thought while gazing into her hypnotic deep blue eyes.
"Thank you Jo." She answered as if she had heard his thoughts.
Shocked, he continued to stare at her, this time with his mouth wide open.
"Don't be surprised," she said in a sweet, soft voice. "Just keep an open mind on this adventure and you'll do just fine!" she continued to say as she got up to leave.

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Not an Ordinary Story

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