The Gourmet Sailor's Handbook

You swam in the sea, enjoyed the sun, drank coffee, played with the seawater, and even did some sailing! The pleasure, though, of a sailing trip cannot be completed without the relish of a good meal. After you have docked and sat in the cockpit, you are ready to enjoy a midday gathering with some ouzo or an evening feast. But you have to prepare something to eat! Do not panic! Just browse through the "Gourmet Sailor's Handbook" and you will find many solutions to suit your taste as well as the supplies on board the sailboat. Easy recipes for dishes that can be prepared quickly by people who are interested in a more gourmet version of their holidays, as well as simple advice regarding the "well-being" on board a sailboat.
Try out our suggestions, just eat, drink and... sail close to the wind!

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  2. The Gourmet Sailor\\\'s Handbook

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  3. The Gourmet Sailor΄s Handbook

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  4. The Gourmet Sailor's Handbook

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  5. The Gourmet Sailor's Handbook

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  6. The Gourmet Sailor s Handbook

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