Cretan Cookery

Handed down by word of mouth and from mother to daughter, the secrets of traditional Cretan cookery have been preserved intact to this day. These are recipes based on the purest Cretan products - olive oil, wild greens, fresh dairy products, meat, fish and pulses - and bear witness to the close relationship of Cretan cookery with the famous "Mediterranean Diet". The main constituent of the latter - olive oil -occupies the key position in Cretan cookery and contributes decisively towards the assurance of good health and the longevity of the Cretan people. It is not by chance that the olive tree and its blessed fruit have dominated Cretan culture since the Minoan epoch.
200 traditional recipes and more than 150 photographs will show you the way to the traditional Cretan diet and lead you to sublime, delicious enjoyment based on the simplicity, clarity and purity of these recipes and their ingredients.
"Mum's 200 recipes" are those we grew up with; they initiated us into the realm of the Cretan Diet which is not only a complete regime of cookery, but also a rich legacy and a priceless documentation of our cultural heritage.

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