Kos, situated at the south-eastern edge of the Aegean, is the third largest island of the Dodecanese with an area of 290 square kilometres. As a part of the ancient landmass of Aegaea, and because of its very varied geomorphology, it already drew the attention of many researchers from the 19th century onwards, whose particular areas of interest were its geology, volcanic genesis, palaeontology, and fossils. However, Kos achieved fame as the birthplace of Hippocrates, who in the 5th century BC established medicine as a science based on systematically-acquired knowledge and the beginnings of true logic. As one of the "Asklepiads" - physicians of the lineage of the mythical physician Asklepios, and mainly through the founding of his medical school, he made a decisive contribution to the spread of the reputation of the Asklepeion of Kos, one of the most renowned "centres of healing" in Greece. A plethora of archaeological sites and monuments will enrapture lovers of the ancient world. Early Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches, medieval castles, and imposing buildings with Italian architecture of the 20th century will delight the visitor who wishes to trace history through its living remains. Picturesque mountain villages with rich folklore, coastal settlements, pristine beaches, cosmopolitan and bustling resorts make Kos one of the most alluring m destinations to escape to...

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