Homer: Man and Peace

With the sweetness and clarity of his word, Homer - this great "paternal" figure of the ancient greek times - transmits, posthumously, wisdom from the Heavenly Kingdom.The so-called "Gospel of Heaven" is a spiritual heritage to all humanity. In its 201 teachings, this work touches on various subjects, all necessary for the evolution of both the soul and the spirit of each entity...As a pure spiritualistic work, it gives concrete pictures of what is the Spiritual World,... clear answers - for the first time - on the higher purpose of our earthly incarnation,... directions and clarifications on the sacred duties of man to the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven, thus preparing us accordingly for our future Heavenly life...Homer steps in to explain misunderstood points, from antiquity as well as in modern times,... while he fully clarifies issues, for which even science is unable to reach the Truth.

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  1. Homer: Man and Peace

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  2. Homer: Man and Peace

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  3. Homer: Man and Peace

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  4. Homer: Man and Peace

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