English theological texts and exercices

Trying to find the best way to involve the students of Theology with the English Theological terminology, I chose for the first part of the book, the lives of our Saints, their way of living, their education and their martyrdom. In the second part I tried to give the meaning and the varieties of the Divine Liturgy and its significance as well. I also included the cycle of the Octo-echos and the text of the Epiphany service as far as the liturgical part of the book is concerned. Excerpts from lectures given by his All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew and the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Pergamum Prof. John Zizioulas concerning the environmental problem also included along with some articles from Greek Orthodox newspapers in Diaspora.
In the third part there are parts of the lectures given by Fr. Alkibiadis Calivas, Fr. Stanley Harakas concerning marriage in the Orthodox church, by Lewis Patsavos concerning the primacy of the see of Constantinople, exercises, prayers, in the Lord's Prayer, the Creed and some psalms as well.
I hope this book will be useful not only to the future theologians but to many who may be interested in theology in general.

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  1. English theological texts and exercices

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  2. English theological texts and exercices

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