[…] Sports: The Complete Visual Reference brings together more than 120 sports, described and explained in concise, clear texts with an abundance of spectacular illustrations. It is an essential and comprehensive guide to the sports world in the context of international competitions. To give readers a real understanding of what athletes do and how each sport work, the designers of this unique book have provided up-to-date and complete facts, drawing on the knowledge of recognized experts in their fields: federation directors, elite athletic trainers, and the athletes themselves.

Readers will discover the history of each sport and its evolution into its current form. Athlete profiles provide information about the training techniques for each discipline and offer a glimpse of the daily challenges faced by athletes aiming for the elite level. Amateur athletes can compare their own skills and training regimens with those of the champions in their sports.

The physical environment for competitions, the roles of the players and officials, and the dynamics of each sport are presented, along with specific terms and expressions. Thanks to clear and lively illustrations and descriptions, readers can discover new sports and games or quickly find visual guidelines and information about a discipline with which they are familiar. [...]

Francois Fortin

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