The Six Rules of Success

For years, economic and business concepts and principles have been taught in undergraduate and graduate business programs with dry and dull graphs and complex mathematical models.
This approach makes the material unappealing and incomprehensible for the average reader, who either lacks the technical skills or the time and patience to go over the complexity of such illustrations.
Challenging this approach, the book you are holding presents these concepts and principles in a simple and clear way that is easy to follow for the average reader and apply to everyday life.
The book aims to help the reader understand the most important human ability to distinguish the Big Picture, the forest and not the tree. The Big Picture is the most important target, the most ambitious dreams that people want to fulfill, a university degree, a career, a family.
But how can one draw the Big Picture and what are the requirements in order to accomplish this? All it takes is the six rules described in this book, that have been applied with success in the business world.

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  1. The Six Rules of Success

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  2. The Six Rules of Success

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  3. The Six Rules of Success

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  4. The Six Rules of Success

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