Traditional Inns in Greece

Greece, with its varied seascapes and its ever-changing mountains in kaleidoscopic proximity, has a diversity of landscape unmatched anywhere in the world. It is this marvellous natural setting that has fostered and nurtured the other face of the country's national dowry: its cultural heritage. Traditional villages in complete harmony with their natural environment - an idyllic union - are the perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the pleasures of the Greek countryside in genuine simplicity and harmony. All the regions described in this book provide unique opportunities for sports, exercise, recreation and aesthetic delight. Carefully restored, converted with respect and sensitivity, many of these traditional inns are located in areas of particular interest - near rare wetlands, caves, forests, lakes, beaches, rivers, archaeological sites - which invite the visitor to experience a holiday with a difference while enjoying traditional Greek hospitality provided in genuinely traditional fashion.

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  1. Traditional Inns in Greece

    Κατόπιν παραγγελίας

  2. Traditional Inns in Greece

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  3. Traditional Inns in Greece

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  4. Traditional Inns in Greece

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  5. Traditional Inns in Greece

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